Lost in Darkness (A Poem)

Lost in a World of Darkness

Where are you my love are you now lost
Amidst the mire of sunless jungles of uncertainty 

You have come so far and arisen anew 
With friends a plenty we’re here for you 
Please turn around toward the light 
And come to me this very night 
This is my wish, so let it be.
Please find your way back home to me.

I wrote this poem about a year ago when someone close to me took a path that led them away from friends and all who care for them. I knew that if they turned toward the light and allowed it to guide them it would lead them home once again.  I held my hand extended as I waited for their return from darkness.

Never give up hope with those you love. You never know when the dark night of the soul touches any of us. Be there with open arms when our fellow brothers and sisters come home.

Wishing you peace,
LeeZa Donatella


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