I can do Anything (Excerpt from Beyond the Veil of Illusion - The Awakening)

Excerpt from Beyond the Veil of 
Illusion - The Awakening. This poem is from the novel as Mia realizes that she is a strong woan and can do ANYTHING!

Come to me and fill me whole
With love and light I can be bold
To ask this of you as I rise
From the darkness, transformed by your light
I live again with hurt no more
I rise this time forever and soar
I am anew and stronger now
I see the light beyond black clouds
I touch the ground and live again
I am the energy of strong woman
I have no pain, I’m filled with Love
I rise from the ashes on that dove
That brought me to the heavens
And carried me back home
It gave me the chance to take flight
And soar above the pain I feel
And now I have a new found zeal
I stumbled for a moment but I am fine
I thank you Spirit, you’ve been so kind
To offer your help when I needed you most
I run, not walk, to my next quest
I toil hard without a rest
I am abundant and have no lack
And I cherish the mornings and the night
I look upon my work well done
And smile in the morning sun.

Have a day filled with love from your eat pray love girl,

LeeZa Donatella

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