Goodbye Abadiania

As I leave new friends in the small town that I have called home for the past few months, I remember that it is just not today that marks the next new beginning For me it is traveling to the remaining towns and cities that I have on my list that has written itself since being here as I continue my spiritual journey.  Although Adabiania allowed me to meet some amazing people, it was hard work as Ed whipped me into shape on those marked days before 6am, ensuring that the soup prepared for the visitors was prepared to perfection. You'd would have thought I was getting paid or something. (lol)  Now I am off to have some fun at the falls and utlize that time to get the full flavor of the experience for the backstorie(s) for sequels to the Beyond the Veil of Illusion trilogy. 

I wanted to take this opportunity to say goodbye to those who have touched me and those who have taught me in a small town in Brazil as I make my way to my next destination. There are so many people here who have helped me move forward in one way or another and it is only right to pay them the homage they deserve. 

Many thanks to all the Casa staff including the ladies in the bookstore, who patience surpasses anyone that I have ever encountered and to the ladies in the kitchen who work tirelessly to provide nourishment to thousands who visit each week. Many thanks to the volunteers who I indoctrinated with pleas for help as I carried carrot and peeler in-hand to the pousadas; your assistance and tolerance for my singing was much appreciated. I know that all could taste the love in the soup. GrĂ¡inne, as always thank you for all your hard work in current.

Love to Danique and Jeanette; what beautiful sisters to share my first days with. To Remyde, I loved and cherished the hugs, conversations and walks. Richard, thank you for helping me remember inner love.

To Emil and Katrin, I send you all the love and healing a sister can as today was the last time I am able to add your names in the basket/triangle. 

Sabine, I wish for you love and great blessings this year and always. Monique, it was so nice to have a great singing partner at the Casa.

Audra, my fellow comic. I loved laughing and having fun with you. Kastes, thank you for rescuing me; Your strength is more than you realize

To Eddie and Wagner, peeling vegetables will never be the same. Ed, I already miss your smiling face and your devilish good looks and charm. Wagner remember to always follow your heart and yes, you do look like Jesus. I am sad that I will not be here upon your return later in June.

To Nora, I send you my best wishes on your journey of discovery. To Paula, I know that Buddha is happy with all your great works.  Thanks Jordan for being the big brother I never had and making us laugh out loud often. To Mads and Natalie, never deny yourselves, anything. Silke, I know that great things are coming your way as you step into your power.

To Daniel, thank you for making me smile and laugh.

To Donna, you're on a wondrous spiritual journey filled with great discovery. I will always cherish the fun times, new venues shared andour joint outrageous carefree camaraderie. 

Nadia Helen, your friendship and the great conversations have meant a lot to me. You are a beautiful flower fully opened with an intoxicating fragrance. You don't realize this darling, but you are already awake.  

Martha, Einiyah, Latchmi and Gabriella, thank you for helping me complete a cycle of valuable lessons of discernment as work on my ascension. 

Lastly thank you to the Entities and the work of John of God who have touched the multitude over the last decades. 

Apologies to anyone I may have forgotten.
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Have a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella
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