Finding Joy

Finding Joy

We live to work or some may say,
Although it didn't start out that way.

For when we're young we dream of things,
Of places unseen with magical themes.

But we quickly lose all of our joy,
 when our tasks become chores, 
as we strive for things. 

How did we misplace our treasured friend,
Who's with us in thick and thin? 
It's easy to do when we live in the 2-by-2,
so don't you fret my dear.

So I say to you it's not too late,
To regain and find your joy.
Just look inside, deep within,
Beyond the veil, where the ego lays.

Do it each and every day
From June through each subsequent May.

And when you do you'll face will show
an everlasting happy glow.

'Cause you have found the keys to life,
To live in joy and not in strife.

LeeZa Donatella