All About Fear

So, let me tell you about Fear. Fear's an ugly word that makes some cringe and coil back in well, fear. Yes, it's become the driving force for many a retreat as well as steps forward into the unknown when running away from a bad situation.

Don't confuse fear with discernment in determining if a situation is for your highest good. 

Fear is a lower vibration that keeps us from ascending. It's being afraid or in a state of panic or terror, anger or rage as well as mild annoyance or irritation. It is present when we hate, have contempt or disgust; it lurks its ugly head when we are jealous or envious or judge others with prudish or self righteous behavior; it's in the middle of the thick of it when we are selfish or greedy as our living in lack causes us to be less than generous. It has its hold on us when we knowingly or unknowingly practice any kind of control on others; it's our ego gone amuck as we show our insecurity. 

Fear walks along side us in our obsessions and feeds our thoughts making us depressed when we feel despair or insecure. It stresses us out and makes our adrenaline soar when we're in shock or overreact and turns us red in embarrassment or makes us jitter when we are anxious. 

Fear makes us breakout when we're worried or doubt ourselves with feelings of unworthiness and sure does a guilt trip on us and makes us have a sense of helplessness and powerlessness to the rants of tyrants or control freaks. 

From where I stand, fear is just one big fat disappointment!

Don't beat yourself up if you've ever had a fear based feeling. That would not serve the purpose of today's article. Don't let fear keep you from living an enriched life. Recognize your fears and move forward into the light, my dear, into love. 

Wishing you a day filled with love and no fear,
LeeZa Donatella

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