Spiritualist, Practice what you Preach

It's a small world, they say and when you're a spiritualist, you tend to migrate toward other spiritualists. That has been the case for me over the past 30 years as I have rubbed elbows with many now well-known spiritual beings before anyone knew who they were. 

Just so you know, no one is born a spiritualist, but in my opinion becomes one by learning spiritual practices, experiencing years of less than pleasant situations and eliminating fear-based emotions. It's this trifecta that helps us gain wisdom and insight as we ascend and move forward.

I shook my head from left to right when I was coming up in the ranks to see people preaching this and that, but in the own personal life they weren't following their own advice. Now, of course I have only compassion when I see others seeking truth ironing out the wrinkles in their spiritual robes.

I am a total believer of walking the walk as an example, no matter what brand of elixir is toughest for you to swallow. One of my hardest things is having to deal with people when I want to move away from an unpleasant situation. People who know me may laugh spouting, LeeZa, is this the same women who made decisions for multi-million dollar technology projects? Yes that's me. But when it comes to possibly being less than compassionate when speaking to people, I can at times win the prize, my strong nature blunt and not the least bit sugary. I know that when I speak to people I can have an extremely positive effect and well, it gives me a pit in my stomach when I have to say no or something that is less than ecstatic to someone. Words have extreme power and I don't want to let any of mine hurt another being, if I can help it.  

Funny, but in Abadiania, when you ask the entities to learn discernment you certainly get to utilize the skill set of saying no or enough, more often than you can shake that stick or bounce that ball.  This is something that I'm faced with today, having to tell a beautiful being that it is time I move on in such a way that does not crush them or stunt their spiritual growth while at the same time not let myself be taken advantage of.  Good practice for me, the love bug. I'm sure that when it's complete I will gain new insight and wisdom that will help me move forward with a new tool in my tool chest. 

Wishing you a day filled with happiness from your eat pray love girl,
LeeZa Donatella

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