Soul Mates and Soul Connections

I have been receiving a lot of questions about soul mates, like: what a soul mate is; how can I find my soul mate; if this person was my soul mate why did they hurt me and a plethora of other soul connection and twin flame related questions.

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It is my understanding that we all are part of a particular soul family. Now one can argue that there should be only one soul family under God, but based on my studies and experience, I do not happen to agree.  For arguments sake, let’s say that you have an extended family of about 60-100 relatives. Well, this is the approximate size of your soul family. Each one of those can be considered a soul mate, with one exact mirror image of you being your twin flame.

How can you recognize a Soul Mate?
A soul mate is someone that comes from your same soul family. You recognize them by the instant connection you share. A soul mate can be either male or female and can be the same sex or the opposite sex to your own. 

A perfect example of a soul connection I experienced was here in Abadi├ónia when a Middle Eastern women and I instantly connected.  After we had spent several hours speaking in English, she started speaking to me in Farsi and looked at me sideways when I did not respond.  I nonchalantly said, “You do know that I have no idea what you are saying.”  She apologized and we both got a big laugh as it happened several times again before we made our farewells for the evening. 

What is my Twin Flame?
Imagine someone who had the same traits, thought the same, had the same hangups and faults, same great qualities, same good days and bad days as you and now you are describing your twin flame. Do you want to date a carbon copy of yourself? When it is good, it will be very good, but when it is on a down cycle, it can be unbearable. There are plenty of other soul mates that you CAN have a long lasting relationship with that are not so torturous. 

I thought a Soul Mate was my Life Long Partner, My True Love?
You are talking to the hopeless romantic and I can tell you that not all soul mates are created equally.  

I say this in jest, but I often get the question, “if he or she was my soul mate, why did they hurt me?” It can be confusing when we meet one of our soul brothers or sisters because our work together is not always apparent. People believe that a soul mate can only be our one true love. Well, your wrong, so let me educate you now. 

With thousands of your soul family members floating around, each of them we meet serves a purpose and you are not supposed to have a physical relationship with every soul mate you meet! 
And the ones that we do have a physical relationship with, not all of them will be long lasting. We meet these people because we have both agreed before coming to Earth that we would play out some experience with them, help them on their way, complete a karmic dance together that we perhaps began in a past life, learn and grow from each other, or yes, fall in love and live together for a long period in this physical lifetime.  

But even knowing what I have just explained about does not make it any easier when you meet someone with whom you share an instant attraction; who wears their soul at the tips of their eyes and as hard as you try not to look into them you do and you start to fall. So STOP and pull yourself together as you get up and think sensibly before the dance becomes something it shouldn't. And if that tango last too long and leads to a dip or two as you cross the boundary with a soul mate that you were not intended to be with in a physical sense, don't beat yourself up. It has happened to the best of us  as we are tickled by that intense connective energy throughout our lifetime. Just brush yourself off, chalk it up to experience, learn something from the encounter and continue to move forward.

Sending you love and great soul connections this day and always.
Blessings from your personal eat pray love girl,

LeeZa Donatella

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