Clooney and Amal Engaged or Another Clooney Prank?

Clooney Engaged or Prank? One has to ask themselves with the string of pranks that George Clooney has played over the years if it's true that he is really engaged to Amal Alamuddin.
Remember, this is the same man who spends years planning elaborate jokes. Since there is no official word yet from the Clooney camp, I am still holding my breath. I do, however have a couple of things to say on the subject.
George, if you have found true love, them my best wishes to you and your future Mrs. Shall you both share a love that transcends time and space, filled with kisses as sweet as the ripest peach and starry evenings.
If it is a prank, then I bow to your magnificence and beg for your tutelage. (last article on Clooney Prankster Team). And of course I still want to kick back have a beer as we compare the holes in our jeans while fishing at the arch

Wishing you both joy and happiness.
Blessings from your pal, the eat pray love girl,
LeeZa Donatella