Connecting to Divinity

We come into this world with eyes wide open full of unconditional love and wonderment. We rely on those with more experience, mother, father, older sister, brother, grand mom and grand dad, teacher, religious leader and more to help, instruct or guide us. We form friendships early in life with other young impressionable minds that we meet in our neighborhoods and schools. 

For some of us, there are other teachers who have been guiding us since that time, as well. Some call them guardian angels, some spirit guides, some Jesus, some Isa. You can call it the Mack Daddy Energy Force, I do not judge what you call it because I believe that spiritualism transcends religion. They come to our inner holy trinity, that some call our chi, our chakras, our minds, hearts and souls as we connect to them and we are all guided by their queues. And if you are fortunate at various times in your life or your entire life, you may actually see or speak to them and hear their audible answers. And these benevolent teachers do not judge and attempt to control us with reward or punishment, like we do when training a puppy. They never say, bad boy, bad girl because they only have unconditional love, understanding and patience as they walk with and in us as we experience both the pleasant and unpleasant in this physical existence.

Once you truly know that you are with them or they are with and within you, fear, anger, anxiety, worry, guilt, shame, resentment, judgment and all other ‘negative’ emotions, or what I call lower vibrations fall away, and there is only room for higher vibrations, those of peace, compassion, bliss, and unconditional love to take their place as you are transformed. Other’s opinion or judgment of you is meaningless as you take each step knowing that you’re never alone and a force more grand than any human allows you to accomplish anything. Every second is another opportunity to live in that love.

When you know that we are all stardust connected to the source you're no longer bound by laws, yet you would never do anything that is not for your highest good or the highest good of others, so stealing, lying, cheating or treating yourself or others with any form of disrespect never enters your mind. You are more easily forgiving and have compassion and a true sense of unconditional love for all creatures large and small and want to help everyone you see as you live a happier existence.  Yes, you may still have experiences of things that are less than pleasant, but they no longer effect you, because your core is solid. 

And OMG, you're shown the most wondrous things that are literally out of this world, like one of the Divine Fragrances, Roses, when you’re connected and in a space of total unconditional love; or the incredible light, brighter than the sun when you close your eyes in pitch darkness as you lay your head to rest. Your body becomes a vessel that is filled with an indescribable sensation of continual bliss.

I wish that more people knew about and experienced this almost indescribable connection that is more delicious than ANYTHING that this foodie has ever tasted or any physical experience on this planet, even BACON.

It would be such a beautiful existence for them if they did.

Wishing you a day filled with love and blessings,

LeeZa Donatella

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