Regain the Playfulness

As I sit here and ponder today’s post I am reminded what it feels like to have writers block. This is not a common occurrence for me, since I am continually spewing about this and that. Then I look outside to see the baby goats at a friend’s ranch jumping and playing. Their names are Holmes and Watson. They are about 8 weeks old and are the cutest little beings you have ever seen.  Their namesakes would be proud at these small caprines investigate everything in their expansive living area. I have often been found back with them as they jump on my lap for pets and scratches. They have adopted me as one of their sparring partners trying out the little stubs that will eventually become large horns. They wag their little tails as they put their heads down and push it against my closed fist. I chuckle as I pretend that they can push me back and tell them how strong they are.  They are quite the dynamic duo.

Below are Holmes and Watson in action, playing King of the stump at the ranch:

They remind me that there is a time for work and a time for play. And when I speak about play, I mean that playfulness that we had as little ones. Regaining that as an adult may not be easy, but for those of us who never quite grew up, well, it is not hard to get into that mindset. And it is that mindset that keeps us young and allows us to see the wonder the world has put right in front of our eyes.

Wishing you a day filled with love and blessings,

LeeZa Donatella
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  1. Those playful baby goats were an inspiration! Holmes and Watson, love the names, the owners must be Sherlock fans. How wonderful that you get to play with the “kids”! I agree that playfulness is one of the keys to staying young. It helps one maintain a positive attitude. My late mother loved that Frank Sinatra song, “Young At Heart,” and that’s what she believed (and she had a beautiful singing voice). Have a fun day, LeeZa! :)

  2. Love the video you added! I think Watson was King of the Stump more than Holmes LOL! So cute the way they play together and knock each other off the stump. They are really cute!


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