You ARE What You Think

Someone shared a graphic that said “Talk more about your blessings than your problems." These are good words to live by, but let me go a bit further. 

We ARE what we allow to penetrate and consume our minds. Before any words come out of that place where we also inject that savory sensation, bacon, first we have to think them. 

Focusing on negativity, whether it be a past unpleasant situation or a less than bright future shows in everything we do, including our conversations with others. But don't get a chain and whip yourself, my dears, because it happens to all of us at times. 

We are one big mass of vibrations: waves and frequencies and our being gets its queue on what to vibrate from what our mind is focused on. 

What you think also has an effect on your physical body and your spirit. If you're focusing on potential failure, or the guy who cut you off on the road the other day or the EX who did you wrong and won't leave you alone, then it invades your day, plagues your mind and becomes your reality. Don’t dwell on unpleasant situations. You're just giving them more power as you become what you think and continue to be a master of making a mountain from a small pile of manure. Look at it this way. In the approximate 2,428,272,000 seconds that you're on this planet, it's just a spec of dust, so don't be a 'negative Nancy.' 

Remember that you ARE what you think. SO think about SUCCESS, warm fuzzy slippers, and that delicious kiss that lasted over an hour as you gazed into the eyes of that god or goddess. Or you could, like me, think about BACON and smile wide.  Or focus on that incredible sunset and the appreciation of the intoxicating fragrance of that flower. If you do then you will most likely vibrate LOVE and it will show in the glow of your face as well as in your heart.. 

Notice those moments when you're focused on other than LOVE and take time to focus on something not mind related, like the feeling of your breath as it touches the inside of your nostrils. By doing so you’ll gain a sense of peace and LOVE will come. And with love in your heart comes wondrous things and new adventures.

Gee, isn't that delicious!

Wishing you Love this day and always,
LeeZa Donatella

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