No Pill for Bliss

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a pill and have instant peace and bliss in your life and all your fears, worries and frustration would disappear? Oh if there was a pill for that, then its creator would be a billionaire. Contrary to popular belief, Joy and Bliss do not come in pill form. Nor do they come in the form of a specialized plant that you can smoke or drink that you can consume. Now, I’m not against the correct usage of Xanax and other anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. Nor am I against moderate drinking and the use of Marijuana for medical purposes or occasional use.

But I think that as society begins to awaken, people are getting more and more confused, frustrated and afraid. They are no longer buying into the 2-by-2 illusion that most of society lives in and are reaching out for something to numb them.

All I have to say is I HEAR YOU!   Like some of you I looked for what numbed me; I was not particular, reaching out for food or nonstop TV and internet surfing to dull the pain. That was my brand of anesthetic since I have always had little physical tolerance for drugs and alcohol. I was frustrated and miserable with what I was doing with my life, chained to a desk as I became more aware. One day I decided that it was time to take action.

Instead of continuing to numb myself, I traded in my corporate laptop for a backpack and a dream. Yes, it was hard giving up the hefty weekly paycheck I received and taking that first step into the unknown, the darkness. I was afraid, but I stepped off that cliff with courage because I had to believe that one of two things would happen. I would either step on solid ground or be taught how to fly. It seems like a lifetime ago, now, just 1 year later. As I look back I often catch myself thinking, ‘Was that really me, back then, stuck in the corporate hamster wheel?  

At this time I may not have a large bank account or toys and I journey without a life partner. What I do have is determination to take my life in a more rewarding direction following my dream as a writer and have a renewed appreciation of the sunrise and sunset as well as peace, joy and bliss as I cherish the opportunities to volunteer and serve others as well as spend time with heart-centered people who have made a difference in my life. That my dears is priceless!

Special thanks to Jesaca, Mesha, Calah, Mynzah, Richard and Kereth, who have showed me the love of friendship this past year as I continue my journey of spiritual and personal growth.

Wishing you a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella
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  1. You are such an inspiration!!! You are the most courageous woman I have ever met!!! Love you!!! ;)

  2. Courageous, perhaps, fearless, well I am still working on that one, but I believe what I say and try to walk without fear. Sometimes, it ain't easy, but what I have learned is not to get attached to desire or aversion. because EVERYTHING is impermanent. ..Annica...
    Love and Blessings, Ms Calah. I am back in AZ early March. Let's have lunch or dinner..


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