For the Love of Bacon

Okay, so I’ll admit that there is something to the saying that you are what you eat. And if that's the case, then I am definitely a big hunk of Bacon. Now that’s not saying that it's the only thing that I eat. As a spiritualist I have to keep my consciousness high as I work on my creative projects and counteract all that pork goodness with higher vibrational foods, like juices and smoothies made from organic fruits and vegetables.

The good thing about visiting San Jose del Cabo is that they get it. There are local owned juice stores everywhere and a 32 ounce blended drink consisting of spinach, cucumber, pineapple, banana and papaya with a dash of honey will run you about 3 bucks. Nutrition on a budget! It’s no wonder that there’s a line out the door.  And these high PH balancing foods increase your vibration and connection to that wonderful energy force I call the divine.  So, let me talk about what a healthy body really needs, then I’ll talk more about BACON.

Experts say that in order for our body to remain healthy, it should maintain a vibration of somewhere between 62 to 72 hertz. Now I'm sure that some gadget maker like Ronco will come out with a way for us to buy an appliance that measures our body’s vibration so we can put it next to the Showtime Standard Rotisserie that aunt Sally bought us last Christmas, but for right now you have to believe the science until a reasonably priced meter is available.

Some of us believe that by raising the vibration of your body can put what I call ‘dis-eases” at bay. Our everyday instigators of ‘dis-ease’ like stress and emotional volatility, environmental factors, and the host of ‘bad’ stuff we consume including genetically modified, processed, artificial and canned foods, liquor, anything we eat with additives and most meats have less of an effect on our bodies when we balance them with high vibrational foods at a 70/30 split. Sorry, but the 70% is on the good for us side of the scale.

So eating high vibrational foods not only increases our consciousness, our connection to the Mack Daddy energy force that helps us with all our divinely inspired creative endeavors, it also makes us feel better. Who knows, it might also get rid of that nasty wrinkle I keep seeing in my morning mirror!

I still love that that perfectly fried pork sensation, and of course there is a least one mention of this delicacy in my book, THE AWAKENING, as it is forever embedded in my mind infiltrating my nostrils as it invades my dreams, dancing on my plate or propped up in the perfect martini.  I just don't eat it every single day anymore. I reserve that orgasmic experience to once or twice a week, savoring every bite. 

Food for thought.
Update June 2014: Who would have ever thought that I would be providing you an update like this. I have moved away from meat. Me the person who could eat bacon 7 days a week, but it's true. It all happened after my last visit to John of God in Brazil and my increase in vibration. Now I will never tell you not to eat bacon. For Pete's sake I used to dream about that crispy salty pork delacy. Yet for right now, at least it is out of my diet. Go figure. You on the other hand, can crunch one for me. Okay? 

Questions asked and answers:
I have no juice store near me to make these drinks. What would you suggest?
I do not advertise products on my blog, but can tell you that back home in Sedona I use Ninja Ultima 810 1500 watt. Blending it myself saves me cash. Unfortunately it doesn't fit in my backpack. 

Would you mind listing what foods exactly are “high vibrational” foods? I am assuming fresh green veggies, fruits and nuts, but anything else?
High vibrational foods are mostly those “in the raw” and organic (without pesticides). Ultimately they should be newly picked, if possible. All fruits, veggie and nuts are not created equal vibrationally versus PH, if you want to take both into account. For example, almonds, flax. chia, sesame, squash, sunflower and pumpkin seeds are better for your PH (alkaline) and vibration than other nuts. Greens high in vibration include, kale, cucumber, spinach and parsley which are excellent for you body having higher vibrations than others and good PH as well.  I have so much information, I guess it will become it's own post within the next week and I will come back and provide a link to it from this posting.

What about Chocolate for Vibration?
The ancient Mayans were not wrong when drinking chocolate before or during their spiritual ceremonies. But they didn't sweeten it, they added chiles to it, another high vibrational and good PH (alkaline) food. Most sugars and artificial sweeteners added to it are the problem. Cocoa that is not dutch processed and sweetened with raw honey or pure coconut sugar is better for satisfying your chocolate craving. You can make your own organic chocolate or buy it in a specialty store.  Again, another blog posting int he making.

Like with everything, you do not have to give it all up, but use your head and moderation.

Wishing you a day filled with Love and Bacon,
LeeZa Donatella

PS - I LOVE questions, so please keep them coming! I answer every one and depending on the topic, add them to a question and answer section at the bottom of each article. There are no stupid questions, just unasked ones. We are all here to help each other.  Open your heart and share your question. You just may be helping another by asking it. To shy to post a comment. That's okay. email me.


  1. LeeZa, I love bacon too! But I don’t eat it very often anymore. That blended juice drink sounds delicious! Unfortunately, there are not many juice stores where I live but perhaps I can find something similar at Whole Foods Market, or make my own if I have time. I agree that we are what we eat. Would you mind listing what foods exactly are “high vibrational” foods? I am assuming fresh green veggies, fruits and nuts, but anything else? What about whole wheat pasta? What about dark chocolate? It is just so divine! Thanks!

  2. OMG, JerseyLil. I just found your blog (jerseylil's 2 cents) and love it. Thanks for commenting.You have a lot of fabulous questions and the answers are so large that they will become their own blog posting. High Vibration and PH (Alkaline foods) for better consciousness... or something like that. I DID however, briefly address each of your questions and updated the blog with a question and answer section so it will help others... I gave the short answers. I also think that chocolate will be it's own posting as well. I will point this blog posting to those related articles. Blessings and a great day

    1. Thanks LeeZa!! I Love your blog and feel it’s fortuitous you found my blog so I could find yours! :) I have added your blog to Blogs I Follow on my site. Really appreciate the answers you added above to my questions. (As I was reading it, I was eating a bowl of raw, unsalted almonds and fresh blueberries.) The list of “high vibrational” foods is very helpful. Very interesting information on chocolate too. I try to avoid any chocolate with sugar, and in fact, I try to avoid sugar in general, I prefer honey or agave nectar. Making my own organic chocolate is something I hadn’t thought of and I’m going to search for a recipe, thanks. Look forward to your future posts. Have a great day!


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