Face Conflicts Head on with Love

There was something in me that has always tried to placate and please everyone. I just couldn’t understand why everyone did not just love me; what’s not to love, I am funny, modest (lol), loving, fun, honest and generous.  And as far as conflict, well…. generally, in my personal life, I have been a conflict avoider, retreating when faced with confrontation. I am a lover, not a fighter after all.  I really don’t know where I got that trait from, because it certainly didn’t come from either my mom or dad.

I had recently received some information regarding an upcoming event where I could be facing something uncomfortable and perhaps even down right unpleasant. I had to stop and think about my initial reaction to this information, which was reconsidering going to the event. Well there, I thought, are you a woman or a mouse for goodness sake?

So it begs the question: when do you run and when do you stand, when do you hide, and when do you turn back around?

Answer: Never turn your back on an opportunity to grow. Face them with happiness, courage, fortitude and anticipation. Hey sweeties, not everyone in this world thinks that you are the next best thing since the invention of sliced bread and if you actually are and they can’t see that, well then they are the ones who are blind. Everyone does not have to love you, and actually some may hate you, not because you have done something to them that is worthy of the animosity that they display toward you, but because they still live in the misery of their own mind. Instead of allowing them to give you that present of seething hatred that they have for themselves, show them only love and compassion.

So the message today is this: Never run, always stand, never hide, turn and face the world with your head held high. Just do it with LOVE and it will all work out for the best!

Wishing you a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella

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