Discover Patience When Trying Something New

I don’t know about most of you, but I always love to try new things.

I am in the process of performing some ‘light’ editing of my own website and blog. I have had to change html code. This is new for me and as with all new things, uncomfortable. I may seem more technical than the average person, because I understand technology well enough to navigate a 'dumb user' tool or wizard. But I'm not really technical, despite an old job title of Tech VP. where it was not necessary for management to write or understand code. Their expertise lies in managing technical staff and projects and are the whipping boys and girls if the project does not make budget, milestone dates or if the code is broken in production.  

In the past, I have always handed a 'spec' to one of those wonderful Technical Gods, as I call them, and like magic, the code was written, inserted and tested. They spoke to in basic terms, knowing that all I have is a high-level understanding of technical concepts as well as the names of the upstream and downstream systems the application they work on interacts with.

Long gone are the days when I could pick up the phone and ask those Gods for help, so I find myself searching through technical forums for answers to my basic questions. It has caused me several opportunities.

It was such an interesting reaction that it made me sit back and take notice, analyzing the parts of me that still need work.  I was uncomfortable and frustrated and that manifested into a whopper of a headache.

‘Ah,’ I thought, ‘is there some learning lesson here?’

The lesson was pretty straightforward:
Cut yourself some slack and show yourself some patience. Stop beating yourself up because you do not know everything. As in all things in life, it takes time. Rome was not built in a day!

Food for thought the next time you try something new and realize that you are not immediately the next Michael Jordan.

A day filled with LOVE,
LeeZa Donatella

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