Words have the Power to Help or Hurt

Our reaction to what we say or the words that are spoken to us can have such power on our energy centers if we let them. It is these words that alter existence and change the framework of our lives. I remember a situation many years ago when my girlfriend Eileen and I ventured off into Manhattan and were sitting in a small cafe having an espresso. I could overhear the conversation at another table where an agent was telling a young filmmaker that he should "throw in the towel." The agent’s words were harsh and the recipient looked miserable. When the agent left, I excused myself, went over and whispered a few words into the filmmaker’s ear, then returned to my table. Eileen turned to me seeing the immediate change in this person.  Words have the power to heal.

"Hey, that man looked like he was going to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge a few minutes ago. Now he is beaming and grinning from ear-to-ear. What did you say to him?"  What I said to the man was divinely channeled and yes, his mind, body and spirit were instantly effected in a positive way. The above situation is a perfect example of both one's possible reaction to being spoken to with kindness as well as one's reaction when spoken to in a less than compassionate way. When the agent was speaking to the filmmaker, the recipient was hunched over, his skin pale and gray, his mouth turned down and his spirit defeated. After I spoke to him, he held his head up high, his face glowed, he was smiling wide and you could feel his delicious positive energy from across the room. It's the difference between being in a low vibration and a high vibration. In a later post I will share with you ways to avoid holding onto that low vibration in your energy field, giving it no power; however it is a good lesson about the importance of choosing your words carefully. This holds true whether you are speaking directly to someone or about something. Remember, it's a poor reflection on you when your words are less than kind.  I must confess that at times I struggle with speaking before I choose my words and recently fell backward into an old habit that no longer serves me. I soon realized what I had done and felt horrible, not practicing the love and compassion that I preach to others. There I was in that old pattern that was followed by another old pattern of beating myself up about it until I made it right.  Don’t beat yourself up when you react or make a mistake. That just reinforces an old pattern that will keep you from maintaining a higher vibration. Words have the power to help. 
I made it a point to phone this person and apologize for speaking about something in a less than compassionate way and asked for a 'rewind' since that is not what I am about. What I received from this new friend was compassion and it was the way it was delivered that floored me. ‘Wow,’ I thought as I patiently listened, ‘I've been forgiven before, but it’s never felt like this.’  Once again the teacher had become the student. These few words of kindness from someone that I hardly knew were soft spoken and filled with such love that it made me stop in my tracks, frozen as I took special notice. Strange, but it was if Jesus himself was speaking to me.I knew I was dealing with someone extremely special whose behavior modeled that of an enlightened being.  Those few words made all the difference to me as I looked to this individual with respect and the wish to better emulate their behavior.

We have the opportunity to make or break someone’s millennium with our words. Choose them carefully! Words have the power to destroy. 

Many thanks to all of you for your continued love and support. Words have the power to inspire.Words that inspire

Wishing you a day filled with Love and Blessings,LeeZa Donatella
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Words have the power to heal. Words have the power to heal the soul. 


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