What is Evil?

I attended a gathering recently and someone used the word “Evil.”  I get a creepy feeling every time I hear that word.   When I was younger I was taught that the devil was evil; of course in the “Lord’s Prayer” there is the line ‘deliver us from Evil.’  I took some time today to look up synonyms for evil. What I found were the following words: malevolent, sinful, malicious, wicked, immoral and criminal.Evil defined. Evil definition. Are you EVI

I believe that evil is the opposite of living. Spell LIVE backward and you get E V I L.  People who do not know how to live exist in a continual state of lower fear-based vibrations like anger, hatred, jealousy, envy and sadness. They may continually live in or create drama gossip, lie, steal and do nothing without an ulterior motive.  evil versus spirit

Perhaps they dwell in these low fear based vibrations because they feel alone, not realizing that they are connected to the ALL of the universe, God. Not understating how to vibrate what is LIVE, they don't feel the flow of the spirit and energy within or around them.   

When you recognize that you are pure love, then your spirit is alive and you can easily and effortlessly share yourself and your love with others, maintaining Love, Peace, Joy, Bliss and having compassion for others. You give of yourself and serve your fellow man without expectation.

We are all a work-in-progress. When you wake up and realize what LIVE is, you begin to walk the path of the enlightened ones as you maintain more of the higher vibrations and rarely vibrate that which is considered EVIL. You do not react but respond with love and compassion to those who wish to suck you into the misery

Just some food for thought. 

Wishing you a day filled with love,
LeeZa Donatella
Striving to Help people move forward