CJ's New York Deli

I bid you good morning as I sit in CJ’s New York Deli in San Jose del Cabo for breakfast and some US and east coast camaraderie. It is a wonderful place by the water with atmosphere a plenty. As I walked down the steps into this place, I was welcome by the sound of classic rock softly playing in the background.

I found a table by the large wall fountain listening to the gentle sounds of bubbling water. It was the perfect place to write and get back to my east coast roots, at least for a little while.  Nicely appointed wooden tables covered with forest green table cloths and chairs adorned the private large stone patio of this sanctuary. I looked up and spied sail clothes providing both shade and ambiance.

Their prices were reasonable and their food delicious. It would prove to be a great place for me to catch a bite, check my email and write. 

Blessings and have a great day,
LeeZa Donatella