All Roads Lead to the Center of Things - YOU

I am not ashamed to tell you that even I get confused.  At times, I have no idea what each day will bring, feeling as if I am being pulled in an altered direction that makes me question things. Nothing that would prove to be a malady or negative situation, mind you, just the possibility of taking a slightly different path that leads to the same destination.  Am I currently on an ancillary road and do these recent meetings signify a new directional calling?

Did you ever come to a crossroads? So often in my life I have come to that road, the place where there is a fork. Which way do I go? What path do I take?   Sometimes I feel like John, called to withdraw in meditation, listening as he lived on the island of Patmos and wrote. Not that I am comparing my writing to Revelations, of course, but what I'm called to do is greater than just one person.  I do this while still wanting to be of service to the community here on this small plot of the Earth, since I believe that it’s important to be of service wherever we find ourselves.

I sat on the beach with my head in my hands confused, asking for guidance.  Today there would be no audible answer provided. Or would there? I walked back to the small beachside restaurant. The answer came in the form of a meeting with some incredible people who were quoting Edgar Casey.

I look out onto the ocean and sigh, knowing that there has to be a way to find the balance I am seeking.

Remember that with whatever decisions you make, all roads lead to the center of things- YOU. Moreover, all paths of service and love lead to that universal energy force, God.

Wishing you blessings and a great day,

LeeZa Donatella


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