But Words Cannot Hurt Me

Do you get upset when someone says something insensitive to you? Does it cut like a knife or have some other less than pleasant reaction? I have recently been working with someone who is experiencing anxiety based on their reaction from the words of others. They lost their voice in response. Personally, I feel it deep in the pit of my stomach as those insensitive words twist and turn like a bad meal.

Words are like spices:
Some are mellow,

Some are sweet,
Some are spicy,
And some are bitter.

Do not let the bitter ruin your pallette for the wonderful tastes in Life coming to you! 

I get older and hopefully a bit wiser, I know that it is not the words spewing with tactlessness from the other person but something in me yet to process from my past.

Although it may not be the easiest of things to do, we have to forgive this who have hurt us in past to truly heal thy selves. If we don't, we are just stuck in a perpetual time warp that will be filled with those same situations that keep us from learning, growing and moving forward.

So I say to you, the next time words hurt you, please know that although you cannot control what others say to you, you DO have control over your reaction to those words and those that make your stomach sour,. Next time try turning inward and identify from your past the old hurt that you need to forgive and release. Take that energy and channel it elsewhere in a positive direction.    Most importantly remember that you are pure LOVE.

Wishing you a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella