Living in Sedona

Have you ever shot up out of bed in the morning and said to yourself, how have I been spending my life? Now I know some of you do not wake bright eyed and bushy tailed like I do, but I get my best insights when I first awake in the morning.

I say “spending” because when we do not take note and enjoy each moment we have on this planet then we are just spending our time here, and that can be joyless and fruitless.  A wise man once told me to find and follow your joy and if you do what gives you joy and excitement each moment of each day not only do you live a joyous life, but you attract a joyous life.
Living in Sedona has it opportunities for positive growth through the processing of old habits, beliefs and more, but for the most part there are great opportunities of joy here that transcend the realms of the imagination. Where else can you awake to a sunrise that fills the red mountains that surround this bustling little town with such beauty? Where else can you toss a stone that lands in the lap of a new friend who is on a spiritual quest or is a new teacher, philosopher, minister, intuitive, artist or fellow writer? Where else can you find a practice for every religion, spiritual genre and exterrestrial beliefs under the sun?  Only in Sedona have I been able to make that statement. And it is the people here that are the true gems of this desert oasis. Perhaps they are only here for a day, a week, a month or a year, but no matter how long, when you come to Sedona you are no longer spending your life you are truly living it.
Being the person who helps people on their path and a master of manifestation I encounter many people that help me fulfill my souls purpose on this planet as I make connections with the people, lead them forward by example and make a difference in their lives. 
It is coming close to the time where I have to make some decisions on my path forward and these same people are now in turn helping me move forward to fulfill my life’s next chapter.
Wishing you a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella
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