No Soup for You!

When I worked in New York City, on cold and snotty winter days, there was this little stand that sold the most incredible soup. There was a line of people freezing their butts off that winded around the block, just to partake in this incredible soup, as if somehow it would transform them, at least for the afternoon.   They portrayed something like this soup place in an episode of Seinfeld, and, as yes, you had better know exactly what you wanted when you got to the front of the this well oiled assembly line.
I would never say that the guy doling out the soup was the soup Nazi, but, if you were not ready with your selection and money in hand, he would give you the back of his hand, wave to the next person and not go back to you. And, he would not let you cut back into the line. You actually had to go to the back of the line or somehow give your money to someone out of his eye sight to get your soup, but most would not help you because if they got caught, then they would not get their soup either.
I am reminded of this story today as I share with you these thoughts: 

Think about the times during your life when you felt that you’ve waited and waited to receive something that would transform you, only to realize that you were not ready when your time in line had come. And now you feel as if you are at the back of the line once again. You may even be saying when is it my turn?  Perhaps you are trying to cut ahead in the line or piggyback on someone toward the front of the line, Sorry but there is NO shortcut to spiritual growth and transformation!  You have to do the work.

The time is coming soon when all is to be revealed. Your divine self is putting the right people in your path to help you. Know that and let the transformation begin. Then eat the soup baby, it is delicious!

Wishing you a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella
            Eat Pray Stay - Abadiania
            Eat Pray Stay Abadiania

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