Drumming Healing Power

I am a firm believer that there are many ways to heal the soul and I believe that music is one of them. I talk about drumming today after participating in a couple of drumming events this past week.

Used for centuries, drumming has been a,for of celebration and healing. It is an especially good way to tune our being allowing what no longer serves us to fall away. Depending on the size of the drum, the sound of its beat will resonate with one of our main chakras. 
The type of drumming can be as different as night and day, like the two events I attended this past week.

Weekly drumming at Oak Creek Brewery is not your typical drumming circle and includes the raw talent of about 30 or so people playing drums accompanied by a smattering of maracas, tambourines or gourds and dancers.

The beat of 30+ drums of all shapes and sizes beating in unison vibrates deep into your core. Their rhythmic primal sound penetrating the cavernous depths of the bottom four chakras making them pulsate and breathe with vibratory color. The raw excitement builds and builds within you until you can no longer contain yourself as you start to move from side to side, then dance or perhaps even grab a drum yourself. The joy that fills the room is so intense that it is at times it is overwhelming, bringing tears of elation and amazement. Then as it subsides you catch your balance and know you are healed. It is a delicious experience.

I also participated in a drumming event this week through onebillionrising.org to support a campaign to end violence against women.
The mood was light on this Valentine’s Day atop the natural red rock platform at the base of Cathedral Rock in Sedona. There were prayers of thanks and healing intentions and then the music began.  Ayande Andre and Mynzah Ravencrow were, as usual, in excellent form as the main performers for the event. It was full of light and joy as attracted spectators of all walks of life that soon turned into participants including tourists and hikers before braving the arduous climb to the cathedrals spires. Spirit orbs were witnessed flying and captured in some photos next to the dancers.  You can see a bit of the action by click this link to see the YouTube Video for Cathedral Rock Drumming

What I like most about this form of modality is that there is no talking, orations or lectures."

Sometimes it is just about allowing the beat to speak through and within you as you connect to your divine self!

Have a glorious day filled with Love!
LeeZa Donatella

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