Can you see Angels?

I have been asked on occasion if I believe in Angels and if we can see or sense them around us. I guess it depends on what you consider an Angel.  

I think there is more than one type of Angel and I am more than happy to tell you about the ones I believe are part of the life I experience. First, I do not believe like others that Angels are chubby cheeked cherubs or fly around on large outstretched wings wielding swords ready to do battle.  

My personal take if that there are two classifications of Angels. The first are vibrations or frequencies of unconditional love and light. These Angels are all around us, are aware of the experiences we agreed to prior to our birth and stick with us to assist us. Some call them our Guardian Angels. In order to know their presence you need to vibrate at a frequency closer to theirs. We feel, sense and see their presence when we know more of our divine self and raise our vibration and frequency to theirs.
The other types of Angels are easy to see but few tend to notice. They are the people filled with love whose kind acts we witness each day. Take note the next time you experience a stranger who smiles and says good morning to you as you pass each other, the one holding the door open for you, holding the elevator, asking you if you need assistance with loading packages to your vehicle. Or perhaps you have seen Angels volunteering at non- profit organizations or venues.
Take note and you will see that there is something in their eyes, their walk or their mannerisms.  When I have the pleasure of experiencing one these Angels it makes me want to be more like them. As I strive to be like them I feel so blessed when someone says to me you are an Angel because then I know I am in good company.

So I think the phrase for today's blog post is to strive to be an Angel to someone each and every day! 

If the world were full of people striving to be Angels filled with love and light, then we truly would have Heaven on Earth. There would be only peace and understanding and no war. Gee, what a way to quicken ascension!
Wishing you a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella

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