Be Yourself to Free Yourself

Ah, the masks that we wear to hide ourselves from our outer world. But who are we reading hiding from? I think we hide from ourselves when we put on the mask that we show to others.

I recently sat down and thought about the masks that I have worn over the years and wondered when that whole mask wearing thing started and why. I came to a conclusion that it started for me in adolescence. I am guessing that is a common occurrence for most of us.  But why did I feel the need to create masks?

Was it because I was afraid of something? Perhaps I did not like myself and came to the conclusion that the real me was not someone others would like? Hmm. 
Masks hide our real selves from others as well as ourselves.

What would happen if we drop our masks? Taking off our masks is not easy since we need to face ourselves and we may not like what we see, but if we are truly ever to be free we need to discard these masks and take the chance that what is behind the mask is worthy of all the Love this life has to offer. Masks really do not define us, but disguise us from our true selves.

As I continue to grow and blossom into the spiritual being, I discard and dispose of masks.

So discard your masks and be yourself. It can be very freeing.

Wishing you a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella
            Eat Pray Stay - Abadiania
            Eat Pray Stay Abadiania

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