Understanding Enough

I am not sure that you can understand the true value of enough until you experience it. Once you experience enough, lack fades from existence.
From an early age most of us are taught to reach for the proverbial brass ring.   My dad was a very successful businessman and based on these early life experiences I equated success with money and having a fancy car.  My dad had a couple of Porsche 928’s while I was growing up. I loved those cars and on occasion he would throw me the keys and say, keep it under 90 mph, kid.  Yes, I grew up measuring success based on an incredibly expensive vehicle and as a convertible baby, I was in love with the Porsche 911 convertible.  For years I would look at pictures of this car and say, someday I will have enough money to go in and buy a new 911 cash.  Well, you know that they say to be careful what you ask for? In the late ‘90s as all companies were in a frenzy hiring technology geeks to help save the world from the 2000 millennium predicted tragedy, I rode the wave with other geeks and made an obscene amount of cash in those last couple of years. So much cash that I was able to walk in and test drive my dream car. It was an early edition 2000 Porsche 911 Turbo Carrera Cabriolet , red with a black top, fins and the seat fit my ass like a glove. Oh, did I look good in that car and the price tag with the features I wanted was over 100k. And I had enough cash in my checking account to write these guys a check for it. I cannot explain the feeling of exhilaration I had as I got out of the car, the salesman still pale with white knuckles from our test drive.  The salesman took me back to his desk. Now, I have not had a consistent track record in past for saying no when at a car dealership but that day, I realized what enough was.  I could buy that car cash and I realized that I did not need it!  I stopped, hesitated, said thank you and walked.  I was fortunate to have learned that lesson of enough a long time ago and today money and things do not hold the same value to me.

They say that money alone does not bring happiness. We see this in rich people who commit suicide. Money can provide a temporary distraction and high during the time of using it, but unless you are already filled with the spiritual elixir that most of us seek that feeling will soon fade.  Do not be confused, because I am not one of those persons who believes that in order to be spiritual you need to have no money…. no, no, no.   As I dissect money for you, it is just currency, like an electric current or a river current it flows. Money is but a unit of energy, an exchange to someone for something. That is it. People who do not get this concept seem to be so hung up on money or the lack of money that it screws them up.  Oh my what a cluster that is!   

We are not defined by the amount of cash in our bank accounts, the car we purchase or how much bling we can afford. Yes it is nice to have money, but knowing what enough is eliminates the feeling of lack and opens us up to bigger things.  
Each person measures enough differently. In monetary terms for some it is $1,000, others 1 million and for still others the feeling of lack does not fade, no matter how much money they have. They never get to enough. I had someone in my life for many years who was in the latter category and showed me what it looks like to continually live in lack. The problem is that when you live in lack you attract lack.

My message to you today is not to be corrupted by the money bestowed you. No matter how much you have do not live in lack, but always live as if it is enough. Enough to have money in excess of what you need. Do not be greedy, but share it.  I am sure that you have a local church or community center in your area that has a program for helping others that would so appreciate your donation. It could be a dollar that makes the difference between someone eating that day or not. The joy felt within will out weigh feelings of lack as you learn the meaning of enough.

Wishing you a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella

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