Shift to the Positive to Change the World

In order to understand how to keep it in the positive we need to understand our current behavior of keeping things in the negative. I believe that if we continually keep it in the negative then our growth as spiritual beings will remain slow or stagnate.  I equate the negative to the bottom harmonic vibrations like sadness, fear, worry, anger, envy and more. I think you get the picture.  Most of us make negative assumptions each day about many things that keep us vibrating in those bottom harmonies.    It is as if all the negative scenarios play over and over again in our minds, just waiting for one to resonate with us that we can own and use.

Jumping to the Negative about Situations
Did you ever make a negative assumption or jump to a negative conclusion about something with a small piece of information? I have to admit that I am a culprit of that myself at times. I was recently reminded of this when one of the few people that I love with all my being texted me about having to get a follow-up after a biopsy. I automatically assumed the worse and tears immediately streamed down my face when I got that text. Did I know that the outcome of the follow-up was negative?  No. Yet I assumed the worse with just that small piece of information.   

Jumping to the Negative about People
This also holds true for people. I think that this is the worst of all. It is a shame that we cannot share joy with others without assuming something negative. Not everyone wants something from someone else, but as a society we have historically been conditioned to believe that a positive must have a negative driver. They are complimenting me because they want ….
Imagine an author who praises another author who writes about the same genre. Wait, they are competing with each other right? Why would they do that?   The reason that this is such a “novel” concept is because for the most part people are out for themselves.

Admire the Love and Joy that resonates in another person and society assumes you want that person physically or something from that person, when it is just a case of admiration and sharing the joy that you see in someone with the others in your circle.

Make a reference to a synchronicity of meeting someone and the assumption is that you are seeking something other than describing how you met. Let me share a perfect example of this. I was traveling and got locked out of my vehicle. I had to call a locksmith and pay a fee to get back in my car and the keys I had locked inside. Because of this I had to push an appointment out an hour.  As I walked into the office for my appointment, I made a connection with someone who was just leaving the office. Apparently I had information for them that was important for their spiritual journey. When I explained the circumstance of what had transpired on how we managed to be in the same place at the same time or would have missed them, they turned and said not for me to expect them to pay for the locksmith.  Amazing.

Shift to the Positive
If we migrate negative assumptions to positive ones then we quicken our pace from a crawl to a sprint in our growth as spiritual beings.  I equate the positive to the top harmonic vibrations that include and are not limited to Love, Joy and Peace.  
Test yourself, or better yet catch yourself each time you are faced with living in the negative assumption with switching that to a positive one.  For example the next time your boss says he wants to meet with you assume that he wants to praise your work and not that you have done something wrong.   

Make every effort to replace negative assumptions in your current space with a positive one. Just think what an incredible world it would be if we all lived in the awe of the Love and positive possibilities of each situation and person.

Wishing you a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella

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