Peace within the Current Political Climate

It's hard not to get sucked into the current political climate with all the drama going on, with everyone has an opinion, some of them are very strong.

Like others, what I see and feel is that further divide in the people in the country that hits coworkers and friends, neighbors and families.

We look to our leaders to have the strength, morals and ethics; to build us up as a country, doing and saying things that provide encouragement.

Whether you believe that the current president Donald Trump is good or evil, I think that everyone can agree that he is demolishing everything in his path. This is not a bash at the person in the oval office, since change has been needed for decades in Washington.

I was too young when Nixon was impeached to understand what was going on. There was no internet and social media in 1974 and I am glad for the insulation from the rhetoric.  Today, however, all bets are off and apparently anything goes.  

It's hard to discern what news programs on TV, podcasts, radio and newspapers on both sides are actually reporting the news or spinning it for their own motives.

What do we do in the interim until the dust settles?

All we can do is keep the peace within ourselves. I meditate. 

If you want to know whether what you are hearing is true, false or a spin, then use one of the respected fact checking services:

Wishing you peace
Leeza Donatella


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