Haunted Houses and Smudging

It's ghosts and ghouls and made-up faces, creepy sounds and eerie places, visiting haunted houses to get a scare, that's what we expect from Halloween. 

But what happens when you're living in a house that is plagued with spirits? 

I was in Reno and received an invite to visit the Morris Hotel. Long since haunted, they had paranormal investigators coming that evening. I walked downstairs with the woman who managed the hotel. We stepped into the first of 2 rooms, the overhead long florescent lights turned off. We stood near the computer screen that displayed the team in the adjoining room.  It wasn't too long before I felt a cold breeze on the back of my neck, followed by a tap on the shoulder. I turned my head slightly, validating that the tap was not from a living human. Not wanting to alarm the already uneasy hotel manager, I did not react. That tap was followed a minute later by a flicker of the florescent overhead lights and a stronger tap in the middle of my upper back. The manager grabbed and squeezed my hand in fear as I ignored the plea for attention by the spirit. This continued as the length of the flickering of the turned off overhead lighting continued and the now poking from the spirit now more forceful.  After I realized that this spirit was not going away, I knew I had to do something. I leaned into the manager, whispering in her ear saying, "it's okay, it's only energy." With that, I flipped around and spoke to him saying, "Hey buddy, you don't have my permission to touch me. The party is in the other room, so go away now."  

It is common to have the energies for those who are associated with a particular location to stay with that location. Another reason why we are visited by spirits is a because they are a passed loved one. Who knows, it may just be your favorite aunt Sally coming to visit you. 
Because part of the attraction of the ghosts that fill the basement of this circa 1931 hotel, we did not smudge the Morris that evening. 

You, however, can smudge your home if spirits are present.  

Whether the spirit is what you consider good or evil, performing a smudging ceremony will assist in cleansing the energy of your home.  When we smudge when spirits are present, we always ask the spirits to turn toward the light as some spirits are confused and don't realize that they are no longer in their body.  The key to effectively smudging it is to do it with love, not fear.

So,  if the presence of spirits makes you uneasy, then smudge and ask the spirit to leave, replacing the energy with only that which is love and light.  

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Blessings to you and your family,


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