Perform this Morning Exercise for Better Overall Health

Living in a society with early wake-ups, work and family, rarely do we get the opportunity to sleep in with no cares in the world. So when it happens, I sigh with the deliciousness of the moment, not a care, nothing that has to get done and just to be still and in the moment.
It makes me smile when I wake with no agenda, no chores, no plans, just the sweetness of life.   

But what happens when you have a million items on your list?

Actually if you make it seem as if it's one of those days you have nothing on your plate, at least for a few minutes, then your day can take a turn toward the delicious.

It starts as you set your alarm 15-30 minutes earlier than expected. The sun rises and peeks into your window and you roll over to inhale its beauty, smiling with the notion that if you chose to you could sleep in as long as you wanted. That notion, albeit not exactly true has you hugging the pillow and sighing with delight as you gently close your eyes and dose off until the now snoozed alarm sounds once more.  And when it does, do not fill your mind with "the list," but instead stretch and gently roll out of bed.  If you stay in the present and enjoy that cup of coffee, brushing your teeth, that morning shower with nothing on your mind, then when you venture outside, you'll be filled with a sense of peace that is shared with all you meet.

Taking a few minutes to perform this exercise on those days when your plate is overflowing can positively impact your respiration, heart rate, stress levels and mental outlook.
Wishing you a day filled with Love,
Leeza Donatella


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