I smudged and now I smell sweet flowers. Is that bad?

Ah, so you've smudged your home and now that stale and or negative energy is replaced with a sweet fragrance, although there are no flowers around.  First, let me say, no, this is not a bad thing, and well, welcome to my world. What you are smelling is one or several divine fragrances. 

I was in Abadiania, Brazil in 2003 when I first experienced the Divine Fragrance of roses.
Everywhere I went I smelled them, in such a state of grace.  At that time, I was also taken aback that no one else around me was able to verify what I was experiencing. Everyone, except Ingrid, a very enlightened woman who motioned me over, whispering in my ear, "Smelling roses, are you, sweety?"

She went on to explain, "You're in good company, you know.. The Catholic saints smelled roses."  

I whipped around, cocked my head, smirking, "Yes, but I'm no saint."

What I learned that day was that as we increase our consciousness, door or realms open, for example the ability to experience Divine Fragrance. So, if you are smelling roses, then that signifies, unconditional love. A very high vibration indeed. 

For the beginner, I'm including a link to a Starter Smudge Kit to get you started.   
Want more information, then  my book, Smudging for Beginners is available on Amazon

Wishing you Love this day and always,
LeeZa Donatella


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