Better Forms of Communication

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What were you doing in 1995?  Were you even born yet?  For some of us it seems like yesterday when we spied guys dressed in full 3 piece suits briskly walking in the city holding these dark gray bricks. These bricks had a name, they called them cell phones. A lot has changed regarding our modes of communication. 

Is there a price for all this convenience?

Communication after all is more than just words; you can't determine, feelings, reactions, tone or body language from a text. 

I was speaking to a friend recently who said that she gets annoyed when someone rings her.  "Text, is pretty much all I have time for these days," she remarked. I sat there on the other end of the line, wondering if she was annoyed at me for ringing her.  

I started a practice a couple of years back of IMing someone first to see if they are available to speak if there are not immediate family or friends that I have known for over a decade. I just don't ring first anymore. 

So where are we headed with all this technology?  Is the world is becoming too impersonal? 

In a word, yes!  

Don't get me wrong, like most people, I've embraced the advancements in technology seeing the upside of being able to have an interactive conversation with my sisters in Arizona and Idaho. Using FB video, Skype or Facetime has proved to be convenient when you're all living in different parts of the country. And with my demonstrative Italian family we always know whether each other is elated or otherwise, our feelings, reaction, tone and body language easily determinable via our frequent video chats.

But I've noticed that connecting with new people is becoming more difficult. I see the lack of politeness, a lack of restraint and a whole host of other politically correct adjectives in recent years that if we were limited to more face-to-face conversations, would not exist.

Being in the social media mainstream, I cannot tell you some of the comments I've seen on YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Oh wait, I forgot for a moment that we all share that buffoon president who tweets, so you know what I'm referring to.

The moral of this story is to just put down the cell phone, laptop and look others in the eye and say hello; spend a few precious minutes away from the latest version of Candy Crush and Bejeweled and interact with the rest of society.  Your soul with thank you for it!

Sending you blessings,
LeeZa Donatella
Author and Inspirational Speaker


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