How to Deal with Drama

Those of us who are awakened continue to strive toward unconditional love. When you can maintain this level, what you experience is a world filled with delicious synchronizations and blessings.  At times we feel as though we are being tested to see if we are still earth bound. These quizzes come packaged in less than pleasant situations or dealing with people who are still living in fear. They generally stir up a whole lot of drama through building themselves up by putting others down or attempting to manipulate the emotions of others to control them. 

Our homework is simple: Do not react, but look for the potential positive that may come from any situation. 

As far as the people with whom you interact, know when to help and when to walk away from people causing distraction and drama.It may be the best thing that you can do for them, allowing them to stand and face their challenges and realize their inner strength as you remain in an empathetic and compassionate state for them.

Wishing you a live filled with love,

LeeZa Donatella

Author and Inspirational Speaker


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