Christmas 2017

Leeza Donatella Author and speaker:Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017 has come faster for most of us than usual. Seems like only yesterday that we were enjoy those lazy hot summer weekends. And yet, here it is that time again, where families and friends gather to celebrate the season. 

On this day of celebration, remember the 3 G's and be an example of giving, goodness and godliness.

Take time to give from the heart by random acts of kindness toward those less fortunate.

Be good to those around you with words filled with love.  And be good to yourself as you change that inner voice to only positive messages.

Be grateful for all that you have and where you are in your life, right now.  Remember to be grateful for the time spent with those you love for it is more important than what is under the tree with your name on it.

Wishing you a holiday season overflowing with love,

Leeza Donatella
Website: Leeza Donatella


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