Christmas 2017 - Play Well Together

Count yourself as fortunate if you do not have at least 1 person, perhaps a Sheldon, in your immediate or extended family that you'd rather not have to hang with at the holidays.  We pretty much all have someone. So what do you do when invited to mom's or aunt Tessie's for the holiday, knowing full well that Sheldon will be there?

Well, you could just not go, but then you deprive yourself and those present that you do get along with from sharing your love and joy. 

You could spend the weeks prior to the day sitting around, over thinking and over analyzing what may happen when you encounter Sheldon at the gathering. 

Or, you could take some time and determine what it is about Sheldon's behavior that triggers the less than positive in you.  Personally, when I think about Sheldon, the emotion I feel is frustration.   When I delved further, I realized that his poor behavior is probably due to fear and neurosis. Once I did that my frustration changed to compassion for him, imaging what it must be like to live 24/7 with that fear.  

Vibrationally, compassion does more for you than the vibration of frustration.

Going to the gathering with the intent that when you run in to Sheldon, you look on him with compassion, will bring you more peace with the situation.  Who knows, you may even find something good in him while you're there.  So be light-hearted!

Wishing you a holiday season overflowing with love, patience, forgiveness and joy.

Leeza Donatella

Website: Leeza Donatella
Author of The State of Being Love


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