Control and Spirituality

A friend was disappointed and deeply hurt with the way someone close to them had behaved.

The advise that I shared with them was the following:

You cannot control the way that others behave. The only thing you have control over is your reaction and behavior, so getting upset over someone else's shortcomings does not serve you.

People come into your life for various reasons. Sometimes the dance lasts a few minutes, sometimes a lifetime.

I know that every experience is a gift and I'm always so grateful for the interaction, even when it initially appears as if the outcome is not what I wanted or expected. Once the experience is complete I know that one or both of us has learned and grown from it. And sometimes these experiences are just for us to learn more about our own triggers.

Blessings and love,
LeeZa Donatella
Website: Leeza Donatella


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