How People Treat You

When I write about "Being Love" I talk about why so many feel the need to live in misery, wrapping themselves up in it like a tattered old blanket. They do this because they know nothing else and that misery is comfortable. They blame everyone for their own shortcomings, not realizing that the circumstances with which they find themselves are a product of their own lack of love.  Anger, rage and hatred are emotions that will only keep one from finding the love. Once you learn the difference you find the freedom from that misery and can take the next steps forward. 

This morning I was reminded of why we are on this Earth. It's to work with the love within, to let it grow, and let it blossom. We are all on a journey to find this love. It sometimes comes in old lessons revisited. When we change our reaction to that of love, we are showered with the most amazing life. 

Those of us, regardless of our circumstances, who has hurt us, lied to us or about us, taken us for granted or abused us, continue to forgive. It is the path to enlightenment.

So the next time someone comes toward you with hatred, anger and all that is not in the State of Being Love, remember this the only thing that you have control over is your reaction. Forgive them, have only compassion for them. For they are still living in the misery. 

Blessings and love,
LeeZa Donatella
Website: Leeza Donatella

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