Tantric Sacred Sex

I was speaking to someone today briefly about my version of that sacred union that I have been practicing for years. It's been some time since I explained this concept to anyone, and it was not the right moment to get into detail today. I know I touch on some of these concepts in my spiritual novel, but thought perhaps it was time to share a little of what I know with all of you.

In this world, when you find a partner whose energy is vibrating at a similar level to your own and is open to the possibilities beyond the 2-by-2 illusion most people dwell, this practice can be a pathway, a life changing experience that can lead to Shaktipat and Kundalini openings.

For me this practice is a union between 2 partners that connect to experience a living expression of the divine in each other.

It’s a union that's nurtured through the ritual, creating that sacred space, first grounding yourself, opening your crown chakra, before slowly sharing sensual pleasures. It involves breathing and sound, light touch and eye contact as you allow your partner to see into you. It is this “in to me see” or intimacy that builds as you explore each other in zones of the body other than male or female genitalia.

It's a full body connection, sitting naked facing each other, intertwined, where the tips of your fingers touch and you feel the energy you’re now sharing, all your cells electrified. Moving hands palm-to-palm, lips so very close, yet not touching, eyes locked onto one another’s and breathing synchronized.

Then the kissing begins, eyes still open in a relaxed gaze, exploring lips together, then separately, then tasting the sides of the mouth. And the tongue, that glorious tool of pleasure, the tip so sensitive to touch, playing and tantalizing, twirling slowly, teasing.

Then your partner lifts you onto them, the full union of bodies now complete in euphoric harmonyentwined in each other’s life essence on the physical plane, where you cannot tell where one ends and the other begins.

It's then that transcendence begins,  the melding of minds where communication needs no words;  the joining of consciousness’ into a state where you travel together in discovery of the answers to the questions of the Universe.

The goal is relishing the union for as long as possible.
Wishing you a delicious day,
LeeZa Donatella


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