Attracting Abundance by Understanding Enough and Releasing Lack

My dad had a couple of Porsche’s.   I loved those cars, and on occasion he would throw me the keys and say, keep it under 90 mph, kid.  What a rush I would get everytime I got behind the wheel. As a convertible baby, I was in love with the Porsche 911 convertible, looking at pictures saying, someday I will have this car.  

I made a killing in the Y2K technology frenzy, and walked into the dealership to test drive my dream car. It was an early edition 2000 Porsche 911 Turbo Carrera Cabriolet, red with a black top and fins. The seat fit my ass like a glove. I took it for a spin, getting out of the car, the salesman still pale, white knuckled from our test drive.  

I never go to a dealer unless I know what I want and am ready to purchase.  I could buy that car cash but realized that I did not need it!  I said thank you and walked out.  For some reason, this was the day that I realized what enough was.  It was the day I left feelings of lack behind, knowing that I was seeking something more.

You see, buying something provides a high during the time we get it. It's a fix. What I figured out is that unless you’re already filled with the spiritual elixir that most of us seek, that feeling soon fades.  There are many terms for this elixir, that high, that joy that we experience. Perhaps it's that shot of dopamine that our brains give us as a reward. 

Knowing that it's not in something we buy helps us get to enough as we eliminate feelings of lack. That changes the pattern and opens us up to bigger things. When you learn to get that fix from within, and not from something external, you change your vibration, your frequency.

So here it is. The problem is that when you live in lack you attract lack.

Once you experience enough, lack fades from existence.

Today money and things do not hold the same value to me. They’re just avenues, an end to justify the means.  I have the knowledge that I am provided with what I need to do the things I want to do, when I want to do them. That is the mark of a true abundance as I am continually provided with a delicious life.

My message to you today is to always live as if whatever you have is enough, in excess of what you desire and need.  It is the first step in raising your vibration to an enriched existence and abundance. 

Wishing you a day filled with bliss,

LeeZa Donatella
Author and Inspirational Speaker
The everyday person’s spiritualist, striving to help people move forward


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