Dream Big

I never know where the inspiration for my next article will come from. Sometimes it comes from an experience, other times from something I've seen or heard. Today's article is about dreaming big and it has nothing to do with me. Well, not exactly as I look to someone in my own family whom I admire.

I have several nieces and I have to tell you that they're all wonderful. My nephew is awesome as well. So today, I tip my hat to one of my nieces, who is an amazing woman. She has the strength of a lion. Actually I borrowed and personalized her cover photo 

She has not had an easy life, but when life has thrown her lemons, she has made the sweetest lemonade while continually maintaining her goodness. She is an loving mom, an accomplished student, striving for a degree in a field that will help others.  

She chose to dream big and strive for the brass ring, because she knows that dreams can come true if you believe. Here's to you today, teenie.  I love you!

Remember that you create you believe. You cannot achieve what you do not believe is possible. Let go off those lower vibrational beliefs that are keeping you from realizing your dreams.

LeeZa Donatella
Author and International Inspirational Speaker

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