How to Win a Goddess

Recent events and questions have spurred me to write today about how to date, keep and win a Goddess.  When I sat down to put pen to paper on the subject, I wanted to ensure that I wrote this from the viewpoint that both men and women can relate to.  First let me explain a little more about what a Goddess is, so readers are able to identify one when they meet her.

A Goddess is that 1 in a million woman, the entire package, who outshines most others. She possesses great beauty, although it may not perfectly align to the Americanized version of the anorexic model.  Her personality is magnetic, her conversation intellectually stimulating, the concepts she discusses shows her deep analytic skills and outside the box thinking.  She has a sense of grace coupled with a strength and power most have never experienced. She is kind, loving and compassionate and whatever she does, including spending time with you, is because she wants to, and not out of a sense of need or obligation. 

Winning favor with a Goddess is attainable if a man wants to put forth the effort.

1. Persistence is the key to attracting this rare gem of a woman.
If a man is really into you, he will move Heaven and Earth to be with you.  Goddess’s are initially attracted to men who go out of their way to show that they are interested.

2.  Bring your “A” Game
There are many men who treat women like the plenty of fish in the sea reference we’ve all heard in our youth. If you’re one of these men, then perhaps this is not the article for you, since you are content to settle for mediocrity. With a Goddess you have to bring your “A” game, making an effort to stand out among all other suitors that she most certainly has. You have to prove to her that you know she is special. Politeness and chivalry goes a long way as does being attentive to her needs. I recall an invite for a drink by a fella, where we met at a restaurant, He procured an outside table and the first thing he did was ask where I wanted to sit. He held out my chair, and pushed it in as I sat, then adjusted the umbrella, ensuring that I was comfortable.  A true gentlemen he allowed me to order my drink before he spoke to the waitress.  This is the kind of thoughtfulness that is attractive to a Goddess. He never even glanced at me when the check came, knowing that it was his pleasure to spend time with me.

3. Do not Rush Her
A goddess will take her time because she knows that the gift of sharing her entire self with her potential mate is sacred.  The man who wins a Goddess is patient, kind-hearted and understanding. He has mastered the art of establishing intimacy without rushing into all physical acts.

A Note to Fellow Goddess’s
Know Your Worth
When you know you’re a Goddess, you accept nothing less than a man who puts forth a 100% effort when wooing you.

I am often taken aback when I meet a Goddess who is unaware of her worth, accepting so much less when it comes to dating.  A Goddess is not desperate, but selective. She is confident and self-assured, knowing that she stands out in the crowd. Coming from an environment of dating when men knew who we were, they acted accordingly, with refinement and chivalry.

A goddess will accept no less than the entire package when it comes to a potential mate. Here is a perfect example.  My friend Jess was invited out for drinks with a man. Upon returning home from the date, she phoned me recounting the events.  “He was kind hearted, polite and chivalrous. We met at the local restaurant at half past 5. We enjoyed a drink as conversation flowed and we munched on complimentary chips and salsa. The waitress checked on us several times, asking if we were ready to order. His response to her was always the same that we were in no rush. I sat there thinking, ”What a testament to his intense focus on me and that he hoped to stretch out this time together for as long as possible.”

She continued to explain that it was over 2 hours later, now after 7pm and she was famished. Although this potential suitor did only ask Jess out for a drink, once it got into the dining hour, offering to at least order something from the menu, even if only an appetizer would have been appropriate.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Obviously this man did not realize that not being attentive to the needs of a Goddess is one sure fire way to lose any future opportunities to spend time with her. 

I hope that the men who are reading this article have learned something as well as you Goddess’s out there.

Sending you love,
LeeZa Donatella
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