Relax, Revive and Recharge in the Blue Ridge Mountains

I often write and speak about the journey, as we continually travel in this life, navigating a never-ending set of experiences, no matter our sex, race, age or profession. It begins each morning when you open your eyes and continues until you're fast asleep.  It’s when we take those first steps forward with appreciation and excitement at the wondrous things that we will be exposed to that we find that inner peace and ultimate growth.

I’m reminded of this as I write today’s article here meandering the Blue Ridge Mountains, in North Carolina, taking in all its beauty.

I just love this area, with its crisp mountain air, invigorating hikes, spectacular scenic views and remarkable wildlife. At days end, I landed at the Alpine Inn, in Little Switzerland, NC. As with most things in my life when I go with the flow, I stumbled upon this gem and was glad for it.  

I traveled back in time when I walked in, the energy of this place enhanced by the hospitality of owners Susan and Ron. Built on the mountainside in 1929, it has that old world flavor that seekers of authenticity can appreciate.   

My room had a deck overlooking the expansive valley below. I sat there drinking in the scene, as I relaxed, revived and recharged after a long drive.  

It was shortly after the sun melted behind the mountains, signaling the twilight of another day, that I stirred to the smell of freshly lit kindling burning in a cast iron chiminea around the side of the property. 

I was greeted by several guests and owner Ron telling stories about the area and each other’s travels. Well after dark I said my good nights, retreating to my room.

My bed, decorated with country quilt, was very comfy. I was quick to fall asleep and my internal alarm clock had me stir at predawn. I spent a few moments, appreciating the deliciousness of my surroundings and my comfort in that bed. 

I laid in a state of bliss as I occasionally opened an eye waiting for the sun to begin its ascension. I leapt up as it made its presence known, the view of that sunrise from the deck and window from my room was one of the more magnificent that I’ve seen.  

I soaked in the sun on the dining room deck along with several others seekers of beauty at breakfast, enjoying house made granola. 

I spent the morning watching the local wildlife, as I enjoyed the sounds of song birds and engaged in great conversation with new friends on the deck 

I was excited to discover that the neighboring town of Spruce Pine is home to several mines, with folks boasting around fires in evening about the emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethysts and other minerals discovered on day excursions.  

Take the time to relax and recharge from the stress of the week in a place where you find peace.

Sending you love,
LeeZa Donatella
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