Moving Forward

As I find myself in an unfamiliar place, I pulled out my traveling hammock to find a quiet place to literally, hang for a while. It has seen more places over the years than most will see in a lifetime, from Sedona, Valley of the Gods and Northern California, to Mexico, Central and South America. Now tattered and frayed, I said goodbye to my old friend that had served me so well. As I searched for a replacement, I wished for something similar, a breathable material comfortable on warmer days, with a length a perfect fit to my shorter stature. I was grateful to find its sister replacement in a carbon copy, a new friend that fits so neatly in a shoulder bag. 

I found the perfect place in a local park. I tied up and meditated for an hour under 2 closely situated pine trees. When I finished, I lay there gazing up into the branches. It brought me back to the time when I laid quiet for days in my hammock outside Sedona as I readied for my spirit journey. 

Funny, but I sometimes forget that we’re continually on that journey, as we venture to new places, meeting new people and having new experiences. It’s that exploration when we go with the flow that moves us forward. And it always seems that we are guided to the right people at the right time, sharing those experiences that provide us with the most opportunities for growth. I can tell you that it’s the most challenging of people and circumstances that has propelled me in the right direction. It may not always seem like it at the moment when I'm in the midst of the chaos. With a little reflection, I see the situation for what it truly is, an opportunity.

A recent “opportunity” involved interactions with those who were not vibrating what I call the state of being love.  This was an occasion for me was to realize it and not to react. I would love to say that it was immediately apparent to me, but I believe that would have made this situation too easy. It wasn’t until I took the time to be still and quiet did the light illuminate. Once it did, I was able to put the situation into perspective and realize that I was provided yet another gift, to learn and appreciate it, in its entirety.

The next time you are presented with people or situations that have you getting frustrated or angry, biting your nails, or even wanting to pull out your hair, know that they are really gifts to help you grow and move forward.  When you do, then you can appreciate and learn from them. Once you do that, the situation always changes for the better. 

Wishing you a day filled with love,
LeeZa Donatella
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