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Stress at work. Finding the perfect work life balance

I’ve often been asked about the perfect life balance equation. Being an overachiever most of my life, I didn’t pay much attention in my early years to understanding that delicate balance between work and play. For the first decades of my life it was all about seeing the goal post. I often wore blinders until I obtained scholastic goals. That was then followed by career. It was not until closer to the millennium when I finally lifted my head and realized the entire world that lay in front of me and all the life experiences and times with family that I had missed.

With tons of hindsight and some regret, I can tell you that the time spent with loved ones before they’re no longer on this planet, the glee of a child when they tear open the paper on that present you just handed them, the look of surprise when you visit and old friend out of the blue, the smiles shared with new friends as you clink glasses in celebration, and the fulfillment you gain when sharing insights with your spiritual network that are precious. It is those memories and not the ones of that work deadline that you pulled an all-nighter to make, that remain in your heart.

So when I talk about balance today, I take time to access the entire picture. For me it includes, an assignment where I can add value and make a difference, opportunities to volunteer, access to a community of like-minded spiritualists, new friendships with deep thinkers who like to live outside the 2-by-2 and availability to family and old friends.

Anything less in the long term is unacceptable.

Sending you love and blessings,

LeeZa Donatella
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