LeeZa Donatella kicks it with the JZ Band for Album Debut "Sauce" in Bend, OR

JZ Band: David Zandonatti, Joe Leonardi, Mark Ranson, Scott Hersh and Kaleb Kelliher
I try and do something exciting on my birthday each year, and this year was no exception. One of my dearest friends, Jesaca was shocked when her soon to be hubby walked me in the back door of their Bend, Oregon home.
Celebrating both Jesaca’s and my birthday that weekend had an added thrill. We were invited to enjoy VIP access and green room privileges to the JZ Band’s album debut, held at the Capitol, a great new club located at 190 NW Oregon Ave in Bend. Their music has a jazzy and up-beat blues charm that rocked the house, as people of all ages danced till they dropped. It was wonderful to see buddy, lead and songwriter Joe Leonardi again, as I got to experience his stage presence. With a special guest appearance by lead guitarist Mark Hatcher, it was a night that will be long remembered.

I spent time with Capitol owner, Nate Engell who explained his vision. It truly was the perfect marriage of nostalgia, entertainment, and delight. Nate, I think you have a winner here.

Thanks to the JZ Band for making my night and blessings on the success of your new album.

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