St Valentine's Day 2016

St. Valentine’s Day has once more come upon us. Hallmark may not agree, but remember that it’s more about the love we have for ourselves that matters on this day. Actually, it matters every day!

If you find yourself today with a special someone, then rejoice in that love and be the best partner that you can be. It's not about quantity, but about the quality time you spend with each other sharing that love.

If you’re alone, share your love with each person you meet this day, through a heart-felt smile and good wishes of joy for them. Above all, love the most important person in your life, you. It is that love that transcends time and space in all your lifetimes. It is that love that you take with you. Unlike flowers that wither and die, you inner love continues to grow.

I’m sharing these pearls of wisdom from the decades it has taken me to realize that true love comes from within.  Some people feel lonely and lost not having a special someone in their lives to share this Hallmark day with.  But maybe you’re alone because you’re not seeking someone else to fill some void, because you are already a complete person by yourself.  It’s not a crime to be alone on this day, because you refuse to settle for someone who is not deserving or at your level.

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In the meantime, fill your day with a juicy spiritual romance, my novel (Beyond the Veil of Illusion- The Awakening) may just be a better aphrodisiac than chocolates this day celebrated. 
I send to you my warmest hugs as well as an ethereal embrace as I wish you the happiest days of self-love this Valentine's Day 2016!

LeeZa Donatella
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