Instant Ways to Connect with Others

Have you ever noticed that when you are connected to someone’s energy you can easily and instantly connect with them without picking up the phone?

You all know what I mean when it comes to connection. One of my high school friends and I have this sort of connection. Every time I ring her she responds, “I was just thinking about you.” After over 20 years, it cannot always be coincidence.

We are all busy these days with family and career, but I decided that I would try something new recently when dealing with this phenomenon. I sat there and started writing and thinking of someone with whom I have a strong connection, just to see if they would reach out to me.
As I completed my scribblings on paper, sure enough he reached out to me, sending me an email.


I believe that there is a force or energy between 2 people who are connected. And this connection is faster than any email or telephone. It dwells deeper touching the very fiber or soul of the recipient. Will it solve World hunger? Probably not, but it does however help solidify my theories about how energy plays an important part in our lives.

Sending you joy and blessings,

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