Beyond the Veil of Illusion: The Awakening

Enjoy this excerpt from the book

The light was dim, and all I saw was his naked silhouette in the doorway. The muscles of his bare chest and arms distinguishable, even in the darkness of the room. It took my breath away.

I couldn’t move; I was frozen in place, gazing upon his sculpted physique. All of my cells tingled, making their presence known, as he made his way to the bed where I lay. I traced his body, taking in every facet of his being. My eyes filled with tears, my heart overwhelmed by feelings of love.

If you had told me last year that a thirty-something year old, blond-haired, blue-eyed god, would turn the world of this conservative, ex-corporate VP upside down, I would have laughed at you.

Let’s go back to the beginning of this journey into the void, between the past and present, as I was thrust through the wormhole of personal and spiritual growth. It would prove to be a roller coaster ride, my heart beating faster as I neared the crest and screaming, as I plummeted down the long steep track into the abyss. Would I rise again?

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