The Happiness Formula

Happiness is a choice. People can sugarcoat it and tell you that if you read this book or see that new guru that you'll become happy. Society capitalizes on unhappiness by selling you this or that having people believe that they'll be happy once they..... [fill in the blank]: lose 15 pounds, get in shape, get a bigger car, better job, buy a house, get that sports car or that hot sexy partner.  These are all nice, don't get me wrong, but once you get them, you realize that you're still not happy. So many people think that something external has to happen and continue to wait around for it to occcur, hoping to become happy. 

Happiness starts from within folks. And it's FREE. And here's the most important thing, you have to want to be happy. I meet so many people that are so accustomed to living an unhappy life, that they wear it like a worn tattered blanket wrapped around them so tightly that nothing can penetrate through it. You can think happiness all you want, but until you CHOOSE happiness as the primary emotion that fills the moments in your day, then you'll never actually BE HAPPY. Below is a quick Happiness Formula to help that I call finding life's gasms

  1. Wake up and take a few moments before the minutia of your day creeps into your mind and appreciate the covers, the blanket, the pillow and the feel of the sheets on your skin and watch how easily you hug that pillow and sigh.
  2. Purposely take a moment as you slip out of bed and walk to the bathroom and feel your bare feet on the carpet or wood floor, curl your toes and smile as you become grateful for being able to walk.
  3. Laugh at yourself and that bed head of hair as you look at yourself in the bathroom mirror and see the beauty in all that is you.
  4. Feel the heat and enjoyment of that first sip of that cup of coffee or tea as if moves through your mouth and down your throat.
When you take the extra few moments every morning to be grateful for life's little gasms, then what you're actually doing is vibrating in that state I call BEING LOVE, a place where you can feel a tickle in your heart. That's a sign that you're connecting to the true essence that is you. That's why it feels so good. The days when you are cognisant of the little things in life that get you to that Being Love state, are the days when traffic jams become opportunities to think about delicious moments, office politics becomes chances not to react to anothers unhappiness and doors begin to open for you.

Wishing you all a scrumptious day,
LeeZa Donatela 
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