Should I Smudge After a the End of a Relationship? (Videos)

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I receive a lot of questions about how to do smudging ceremonies using sage to removing negative energy from my home than I can shake a stick and and one of them is about smudging after the end of a relationship.smudge after my exboyfriend and I break up, sage stick blessing, sage a home, cleansing a room with sage, smudging kits, smudging sprays, using smudge sticks, removing negative energy from my home.
It happens; relationships end and people move out of our lives as we continue to grow and move forward. It doesn't mean that either party did something wrong, or perhaps they just weren't best suited for eachother. Everyone has roommates or signifigant others. Perhaps you had a partner that at first seemed like Mr Right, but as you grew, they turned out to be Mr Wrong. That's okay, because every experience is a gift and when we realize that and know that the tango of that soul connection may not last forever, we can get to a better place in our hearts. what to do when your ex is harrassing you

The energy associated with that person may still be lingering in your space or around your energetic field.  There are many times when you want to clear and cleanse the energy of that person in your space after for example, a break up, smudging is a good way to freshen up your space. Smudging cleanses the energy in the locations and energetic fields of persons, ridding them of residual vibrational frequencies and energetic imprints. I think it’s important to emphasize that energy is just emotion in motion and when you have had an energetic attachment to someone, like when you are in a relationship with them, that energy between you may linger, even after you are no longer together. How to Smudge video, How do I smudge my home. When to Smudge. removing evil spirits from my house, Prayers to say when smudging sage what is smudging, prayer for new home cleansing, 
Smudging your home and person provides peace, serenity and piece of mind.

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Are you interested in cleansing your space and raising your vibration? Or are you looking to rid your location of that crummy energy tied to your ex-partner who you can't get out of your head? 

Either way, this book can assist as LeeZa Donatella helps readers understand the basics as well as tricks of the trade when it comes to smudging their space, person or objects in her book, Smudging for Beginners. 
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